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When creating a torrent, ask to create a setup


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I've been using utorrent for a couple of years now and I find it to be the best bittorrent out there. It works great, it's small and everything you would want to use from a bittorrent client, utorrent has.

Thou this is the case I have an idea which I find interesting. You see the community I work with want to stop using direct mirror altogether because with web seeds, this is already done. We post the Direct Link and Torrent and say the torrent is faster, which it is. The problem is thou when you ask people to download a torrent, people don't take the steps to download utorrent and therefore end up just clicking the Direct Link.

I was thinking, maybe when you create a torrent, you are asked if you want to pack it as a setup.exe. Let me explain.

I would like it when I download a torrent that it's all ready without having to download utorrent at all, directly that is. How this would is when you create a torrent for a file, the client is asked if they would like to make a setup.exe. What will happen is you will be given a setup.exe (utorrent program) and you will put that up on the forum.

When people download this file, it will setup utorrent for them and whenever they start, the torrent will be waiting for them. Yes it's just clicking a few more buttons for the user to do it now, but if you did it this way, I can assure you, torrrents will get extremely popular than they already are.

At the moment people would go, ah a torrent but not know what to do with them, yes some people would investigate but people still wouldn't have a clue what to do with it. By doing this, this would install the client for them and then the torrent would be waiting inside.

In short, there would be no thinking process and because utorrent is so small, it can work.

People that already have utorrent wouldn't need to setup because the setup would understand that utorrent was setup, it would just look for the latest update OR just go to the client and download the torrent.

Hope you guys agree.

Alan "Coldbolt" Reid

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Nope then it becomes open to viral, trojan, malware and more beside. Better to have a link on the tracker or download site to another download site where utorrent is available (there is many of those). The tracker could also refuse all non torrent clients, and maybe send a comment to use utorrent only or similar.

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