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[solved] Force network interface for outgoing connections


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(TL;DR version at the bottom)

Hi all,

At home I have a debian server running all kinds of stuff (dns, dhcp, openvpn, etc) and recently I added µTorrent to the list of services. The setup was a breeze, I found an initscript online to have it running at boot and didn't run into any serious problems so far.

However, after a while I noticed the server began to respond slower than usual or even not at all. Apparently, this was caused by the huge number of connections µTorrent tries to make. I reduced the number of connections through the webUI and things got better, but downloads also slowed down significantly, especially when there are only a few fast peers and a lot of slower ones in the swarm.

So I figured I could reduce the load on the main NIC by adding a second one specifically for µTorrent traffic. I installed another NIC, set it up and configured µTorrent to use it by adding the following to my utserver.conf

preferred_interface: eth1

So now I have the following setup:

Main NIC br0 (default, most services)

Second NIC eth1 (µTorrent)

I have configured my OS in a way that br0 is the default interface for all incoming and outgoing connections. Now, with bind_ip and preferred_interface in my utserver.conf, I would have thought that µTorrent would only use eth1 for incoming (bind_ip) and outgoing (preferred_interface) connections. However, while it now only listens on eth1 (, it still makes outgoing connections on br0 (, rendering my setup quite useless for reducing load on the main NIC br0.

Am I right in assuming the preferred_interface option should define which interface is used for outgoing connections and if not, is there any other way to achieve what I want?

TL;DR version:

I have a box with 2 NICs and I want to force µTorrent to use only the second (non-default) one. I have succeeded to make it only listen on the secondary interface, but outgoing connections are still made from the default, primary interface.

Thank you in advance for your response.

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