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Problem in "Opening Containing Folder"


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Hi Everyone

I've had this problem for a long time and I was waiting for it to be fixed, But now I'm thinking maybe I'm the only one with this problem. And because of this I never upgraded to newer versions ( still using ). anyway here's my problem:

Let's say I'm currently downloading 100 files, and 10 of them are completed.

What I do is, I Highlight these 10 files and then select "open containing folder". If these files are in different folders, then everything is ok, 10 seperate windows will be opened with the complete file highlighted, so I can easily do whatever I want to do with that specific file ( Play/Move/Delete/...). But if they are in the same path ( like E:/Downloads ) then here comes the problem, only ONE window is opened with last file highlighted. So in order to select the completed files I have to search in all downloading files to find each of them one by one.

I have this problem only in newer versions ( specifically after version 2.2 ). In 2.2 and older versions, it works fine, and even if the files are in the same location, seperate windows will be open for each file.

So is it only me, or anyone else has the same problem?


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