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Greetings from Australia. This is a very helpful app. May I request a feature that would make it more user-friendly.

I am 60 and, like lots of people my age, wear glasses for reading but not otherwise. To prevent eye-strain and headaches with computers, I use the lowest resolution I can (960×600) on a 17″ screen. This works beautifully, except that some apps have windows that get cut off at the bottom. This is no problem if there is a vertical scrollbar.

Without a vertical scrollbar, I have two options: change the resolution just to view that window (and resize it if necessary too), then change back, or presume the info that is missing is unimportant and just press enter, hoping for the best.

In the current release of uTorrent, this problem only affects the Scheduling preference wincow - not a crucial part. However, please bear this consideration in mind when considering any changes to windows in future, and whether they can possibly be made to the horizontal size rather than the vertical. I hope these thoughts are helpful.

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