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Slow download speed over multiple OSs


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Until recently, I had no problem downloading but speeds have recently nose-dived. I'm running utorrent on a MacBook Pro, and a desktop running XP. Both are crawling along at approximately 20 kb/s. My ISP is O2, and according to online connection tests I should be on roughly 12Mb/s.

I trawled through loads of forum posts, and tried as many ideas as possible (forwarding ports, authorising utorrent in firewall, upping my upload limits etc) with no effect. I tried running Glasnost to see if my ISP is throttling my torrent and receive an error message saying it couldn't receive my results...

What may be related is that the wireless signal is pretty temperamental: sometimes I can connect; sometimes the connection times out; and sometimes I can't even see the wireless network. I've been running off of ethernet the last week or so. Clearly this is router/modem or ISP related. Any suggestions? For the record, the router/modem model is the 'Technicolor' O2 Wireless Box 5.

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