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Variables for paths in "directories"


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Which variables are supported by uTorrent and can be specified as a path in "Directories" tab? And I'd like an example please. I mean something like:


I have several computers, and using variables would be preferable rather than having to specify download folder for EACH computer. And yes, I'm planning to import my Settings.dat file, that's why it's an issue.

I'm surprised I haven't found any specifics on that matter. If uTorrent doesn't support even basic Windows variables (not to mention having it's own) it's just unbelievable.


It does SOMEHOW find user's Documents folder to put downloads there by default. I'd like to know that particular variable, if possible.

For developers: for God's sake, stop storing paths in settings file! It makes importing settings an impossible task without a pain in the... brain.

Not to mention saving path history in there, increasing the file size more and more. :rolleyes: And no option to wipe path history either, so whichever computer you import your settings to, your paths are gonna be visible there.

P.S. Yes, I can dig the file with HEX editor, but come on!

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