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Forcing the DHT-ON for some special torrents


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I wish there was a means to force-on the DHT network for a torrent originally created for some kind of private network. The torrent have the DHT "not allowed". That's very nice, but the private network is long dead, and I cannot download the torrent. My propose of downloading the torrent is to seed the material, investigate it, talk about it, use the material as reference, and again seed it to others. I just need the missing blocks!

I propose that the blocking of DHT be time-limited under some conditions:

1) I have had the torrent for downloading since "a-year-ago" (new idiotic 3.1.3-version-timeformat. Kill it!).

I propose a requirement that the torrent must be listed in uTorrent a minimum of three months.

2) I have added many new trackers; the original trackers cannot provide a seeder, or are dead completely. I propose a requirement that the private-tracker has not responded in three months.

3) I propose a requirement that no peer, with 100%, have turned up for a minimum of 48 hours uTorrent running time.

It is not likely that anyone on Earth has this torrent for seeding, but if we share no trackers (public, general trackers), then the DHT network is about the only thing there is. I only need the missing blocks once, then I can seed from here to others, and I can use the private trackers if they still works, or some other trackers. Possibly should even the DHT be enabled automatically at the seed-peer, for private torrents, under limited conditions such as that the tracker is dead (and no connection for months).

I don't want the private tracker to kill the torrents when it is killed! Blocking access to the material itself refer to the material, and that material may be stronger and much more important than any private tracker, private tracker solution, or uTorrent. Some things are IMPORTANT! Help Me!!

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