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Utorrent has deleted my files while manual upload

Ramses XIII

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So, It has happened exactly.

Surfing on some tracker-site I decided to make a manual upload of several movie files to increase my rating on that tracker. I has made torrents manually from tracker & shown the path to the files. All was done successfully, utorrent has shown that upload began.

But, some time later, utorrent shown "ERROR, file is missing". I was surprised, began to look what happens & did NOT find all these files on my HDD!:(

About 10 movies has really disappeared, exactly those files, which I put to upload. 2-days downloads has wasted...:(

At least, explain, please, what does it mean & how to avoid this in future? Now, without understanding of that happening I even afraid of using utorrent...

Is it necessary to name what the tracker-site is?

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