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uTorrent 3.2 is saving files without extension


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I've been using uTorrent for years. Everything has been working fine until the recent update.

Here's what I usually do: open magnet link, uncheck "Start Torrent" and click ok. Later, when I'm ready to start the torrent, it downloads.

After the update, when I start the torrent, it acts like it's downloading but stops after a very short time. I have to start the torrent again. When this started behaving this way, I paid attention to what uTorrent is doing. I learned that when I open the magnet link, it is now showing "Waiting for torrent information". So I decided to wait for that message to go away. Voila! Now the torrent starts correctly without having to start it twice. It's a bit irritating that I now have to wait for the torrent information to load but I could live with it.

Now for the problem that I actually am requesting help for...

All was fine until recently when uTorrent started downloading without an extension. Did I somehow change a setting somewhere? If so, I can't find it.

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It seem a corrupted installation problem. Try this:

1. backing up .torrent files;

2. backing up uTorrent settings as windows image or in .txt/.doc file (doesn't backing up settings files that are probably corrupted);

3. download and install Revo Uninstaller ( http://www.revouninstaller.com/start_freeware_download.html );

4. run Revo Uninstaller, choose uTorrent item in installation list, double cliccked to start uTorrent uninstaller. Then choose full uninstaller (last option). Flag ONLY BOLDING KEY REGISTRY and delete it, then flag any program entry and any other directory option and delete them.

5. afterwards reboot system;

6. download and install last uTorrent STABLE version;

7. run uTorrent and reinput all setting EXCEPT ADVANCED SETTING (I change only "net.max_halfopen=80", but isn't essential);

8. add backed up .torrent files.

If it doesn't work you valuate a probably .torrent files corruption. Try to download a more demanded file, for instance a WINZIP program. Search for word "WINZIP TORRENT", start relative torrent and watching uTorrent behaviour.

Best regards.

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