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Encryption settings.


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I am a mod an a popular torrent site and wish to give out accurate info on the encyption settings in utorrent. Ive read over the info on it here but am a bit unclear on a couple of things.

encryption - outgoing - options are off course, disabled, enabled and forced

and ticking the 'allow incoming legacy connections' tells utorrent you will accept both encrypted and non encrypted connections, coming in.

however, this is where i am a bit confused. is there any combination of these settings that will prevent me from connecting with any other peer [ based on his settings]

example if i have encryption set to disalbed, and i have the 'ailc' [allow incoming legacy connections' not ticked. my outgoing will not be encrypted and if someone has their settings on 'ailc' set to not ticked, are they then not going to connect with me, cause im only sending out non encrypted and they are only accepting encrypted.

and if i have encryption set to 'forced' , what happens to connections with peers that have ailc set to allow and those that may have alic set to no[not ticked] while typing this, it seems to me that i will connect with both type of users. am i right?

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Let's break it down.

Outgoing has 3 options, Off, on and Forced.

Off = don't use it

On = use it if possible

forced = only make connections with it.

Then the box.

With it unchecked, if it's not encrypted, you won't accept it. It's the incoming version of Forced.

If it's checked, you'll accept encrypted and non-encrypted ones.

So with the box unchecked, you'll not receive connections from those set to off.


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