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Error: Can't Open.torrent


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Not sure what to do and any help would be great.

Everything with Utorrent was working fine and I didn't have any problems. All files were downloading to my external hard drive connected to my computer, which is where they are right now.

Tried to download an old AOL CD (9.0) program to my computer when all of a sudden the disk stopped at 23% and crashed. Had all these icons from AOL that wouldn't disappear even after deleting them, so I did a (System Restore on my computer) and everything went back to normal. :mad:

However when I went to Utorrent to download more files I realized that everything currently downloaded or was downloading is reading (Error: Can't open.Torrent) whole anything else I currently download is downloading just fine to my external hard drive. Also I wanted to see if any of the files were connected and deleted one of my download (Delete. torrent +Data) and while is deleted from Utorrent is still remains in my external hard driver. Can someone please tell me how to fix this problem for I don't want to come off as a leech or someone who's simply stop sharing. :/

Thanks in advance,


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