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Slow with a single torrent, gets faster if I add more


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Hi guys.

Using latest uTorrent version here, and I have a very strange problem, never heard it before.

Basically what happens is this: if I add a single torrent it starts ok, but after a few minutes it slows down to 10-15k/s, even if there are quite enough peers.

However, if I add a couple of other (completely unrelated) torrents with a lot of peers, the one that was going slow "magically" gets back to life, and reaches good speeds. If I remove the other torrents it gets slow again.

It's a strange phenomena, but believe it or not I'm currently downloading a big torrent that I DON'T NEED just to keep another one I'm interested in "alive".

Anyone has any idea on why this could be happening?

PS: running win7 x64 and using a TP-Link TD-W8950ND router if it's of any help.

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