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remote and android app


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first off a thanks for making this possible

whats the difference between the remote settings and webui settings in the torrent client?

and a few issues/feature

is there a way for both the android app and the remote web page to try locally via the network first before it does it over then internet..?

i run utorrent on my server and access the remote site on my main pc to add most torrents by using the remote site for magnet links and torrents files but i can also add torrent files through the auto start folder. the problem is i keep having trouble logging in, 503 socket error, constant loading issues and java error etc that seem to be already posed on the board, that i never had a few months ago (use firefox browser if that could be causing the issue) but also having problems on iphone and android phone (using the website not app)

the other thing is i manly use my android app to check my torrents locally if im wandering the house but as above if i can even log in i find im waiting for it to load... if it was able to access locally via the network first rather than over the internet it would solve some of these issues would it not?

so the features im looking for are

connect locally via network before trying overt the internet - android app and web page

needs magnet link support - android app

no more loading errors...?


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