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uTorrent not flushing cache


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My current configuration:

— Windows 7 x64

— uTorrent (although the problem had occured on all versions over the past half year)

— USB 2.0 external HDD

— Maximum internet download speed: 1,5 MB/s

If I download torrent to external HDD, every now and then disk cache becomes full and it keeps growing and growing beyond the limits specified in settings. Once I saw cache 700MB full out of 32MB available (!!!).

I tried changing all possible cache settings. Nothing works.

I regularly search the forum and Google for a fix, but the only information I find is rapidly growing number of people reporting same type of issues (mostly in combination with "Disc Overloaded 100%" error).

S T I L L   N O   S O L U T I O N   T H O U G H.

I am not asking for a solution or a fix now. THERE IS NONE.

I just want to know WHY this bug is being ignored by the developers for over half a year already.


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registered just to ask same thing.

3 different PC with different OS and so on....

I see this error on every download. I see, that users have same error. Only not working hot fixes, that broke program functionality. Because, "choosing files, that i need download" is basic, main functionality.

So, devs, ask yourself, why i need new features, if old are not working? Why i need watch ads or pay for not working app?

If this will not be fixed, i will change app for torrent

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