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Memory leak when CPU consuming task runs at background


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I've found weird bug in uTorrent.

When I run download tasks in uTorrent simultaneously with near 100% CPU consuming task in background on the same machine I encounter dramatic memory leak in uT.


1. Run x264.exe video encoder with lowest (=4) priority. At its 2nd pass it eats nearly 100% of CPU.

2. Run uT (with normal (=8) priority) and start download tasks.

3. Run Process Explorer and observe how memory used by uT constantly grows up to enormous values (in my case it was 1.8GB, then it crashed).

Platform data:

1. H/W: Core2duo, 3GHz, 3GB RAM.

2. OS: Windows XP 32bit, SP2 (latest updates installed)

3. Product: uTorrent 3.1.3 (latest update).

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I'm not sure that got your question well.

The particularity is that speed sometimes falls to 9-10kB/s and keeps on this value. The leak is absent at this time. Then, it jumps up to normal values (~800kB - 1.1MB/s - my channel is 10Mbit), and then begins to leak.

I found the solution for the matter: if to set Realtime priority for uT, it works good.

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