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Auto-download from phpBB attachement RSS feed


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I have built a DIY torrent system on my phpBB forum. Basically, the users will just upload the .torrent files as attachements in phpBB

Then i have built a custom RSS feed so i can auto-download the .torrent from phpBB attachements and seed them.

My problem is that each time i try to download a torrent from my feed, i get a weird error saying "torrent not valid bencoding"

I can confirm that the torrent files are correctly encoded. If i open the .torrent file from my computer, it will work. But if i try to download it from the feeds, i get an error

I suspect because the download links looks like this :


The links aren't ending with ".torrent" but if you visit the URL with your browser it will indeed download a .torrent file

My other option would be to get the uploaded files straight from the upload folder of phpBB, but phpBB doesn't keep original filenames so my download links would look like that :


What can I do ? I really need to get it working.

Thanks for help

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