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Hangs or never works.


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I've been browsing around all morning reading forum after forum and finding no definitive answer on what to do..

I've been using uTorrent for years now and about 3 months ago I have been getting VERY shotty results. In the beginning it would not work at all. No downloads would start but uploads had no problem. I've made some adjustments to my security (AV/firewall/router modem) and have better results. Those better results mean; Can start a 1g download at 7pm at night (Example of Avatar with 9000 seeds) by 7pm the following night its 30%.

Now to add to that I get CONSTANT hangs. I have to terminate the application religiously. Regardless if I just open uTorrent or actually add a new torrent it hangs then crashes. Ive downgraded to about 10 different versions and no luck

Please let me know if you need any additional information:

Win7 SP1

uTorrent 3.1.3

Panda Security Up To Date (Firewall off and Panda always off unless I activate)

AdAware U.T.D

Spybot SD U.T.D

Windows Firewall off

Windows security off

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You have no FW, except the router? Not sure I'd do that, but can't speak about Panda interfering. Kaspersky FW doesn't interfere.

You might turn off Spybot / Adaware, if running full time - just to test.

Another possibility, your ISP is limiting d/l's of torrents / file sharing. You can try setting in Prefs>Bittorrent,

Protocol Encryption - Outgoing to "Forced," & UN check "allow incoming legacy" (legacy, being unencrypted). This will keep the ISP from seeing what the files are. Though some ISPs also throttle d/l & u/l at times.

Look on DSL Reports for info on ISPs known to throttle & other related issues.

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Im on Brighthouse Networks. I've got many friends that download around 100g a week with no problems.

New update though. I've stoped ALL downloads/uploads and allowed just one to download. That one was pulling 10.4mb/s!!! So i think my problem is the allocated bandwidth maybe? Any suggestions?

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I'm not the consummate expert on practices that lead to lower d/l speeds. I've read d/l too many torrents at once and / or having too many active seeds can hurt speed.

A sticky on this forum has some speed suggestions https://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=74820

Also, the site, Torrent Freaks has step by step suggestions for settings. Just make sure you're looking at a fairly recent article.

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BHN, besides giving out equipment that sucks complete ass for the Lightning tier, seems to work well. With the exception of Win FW, disabling a firewall/AV tends to not work properly. Try temporarily uninstalling Panda, and if you have the pay for version of AdAware (that has a realtime scanning component yes?) that as well. After that try hitting the speed troubleshooting thread, which has multiple steps and a list of info to post.

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