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Protection (college, no-login wifi)? Also seeds change, then dl stp


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I use peerblock, will that suffice?


1. Checked p2p

2. Checked Education (applicable?)

3. Primary Threats from iblocklist

Also, unsure of the timing but occasionally my dl speed will drop dramatically to less than 50kb/s, and rise back to 1-1.3 mb, guessing it is the isp trying to throttle my traffic, or the administrator at school? Guessing from limited knowledge. How can I avoid this?

Thirdly, I think have narrowed it down to when i seed at a certain rate(200 kb/s>... total guess), but when i try, without caution, my internet will slow to a crawl and cutout for an hr or two...but still connected to the wifi network.

(Previous post from a few days ago on different forum, still need advice)

Starting today actually: i dl torrent, initializes in utorrent (3.2), seeds change and fluctuate every quarter second or so, dl speed less than 1kb/s(use to seeing 1mb/s), then after a few seconds it automatically stops, hit play again, stops a few seconds later. Happens on any torrent, well on tpb.

Sorry in advance if any previous posts have answered some of these.


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I use peerblock, will that suffice?

Suffice for what? A nice false sense of security, yes. And if you are worried about tigers I've a Fez that is good for preventing attacks, in fact the protection rate for the fez is even better than peerblocks.

Oh wait, that's not hard, because peerblock's useless crap, that tends to up your exposure and may be run by one of the groups you're trying to 'hide' from

If you'd searched peerblock anywhere you'd find that not a SINGLE person knowledgeable about bittorrent endorses peerblock.

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