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Often Blue Screen of Death is seen on my Thinkpad 420 Windows 7 64 bit


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Hi I installed uTorrent on my new Thinkpad 420 laptop, it has Windows 7 64 bit,

and the moment i try to add a new torrent it crashes immediately and not just uTorrent will crash..

entire OS will crash... and BLUE screen of death (BSD) will be shown...

later on i though OK i will not add a new torrent ...but i will just launch utorrent and let download whateer is already added.... but then it started showing BSD... i tried it twice ... now I am scared to luanch uTorrent...

I downloaded and installed uTorrent after 8-9 July ... if there was no new release made after 8-9 july then my uTorrent version must be 3.2 only ... i do not want to launch it to check the version ...as its surely gonna kill my OS and i have to reboot.

i have clicked photo of screen which, i am going to share soon, if that can help you fix the problem.

it said some problem in NETIO.sys...

Crashing the entire OS is big thing, has just application would have crashed i would have not come here to post. since i have been using the free service of uTorrent since 2006, I am not shouting about it ...

and more over I am developer too.... i would certainly like to know what was the problem... please keep me posted...i am following this thread... let me know when you have the fix... i will launch uTorrent only after that ...

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1. => But I had another machine Thinkpad T400, that also had windows7 and McAfee... but on that machine it use to work fine.

2 = > I would love to hear how does it manage to crash entire OS,

most application in worst case would just crash themself.

3 => What do i do now, i can't uninstall McaAfee..is there any plan to solve this issue in future?

Can you give me some fix, which i can test and tell you if its working or not.

I seriously do not want to move to any other utorrent client, as this as been my fav since 2006.

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