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I have to start learning how to go underground or camo my torrenting activities ! For someone who has been an avid torrent user (obsessive actually ) for over 5 years , I am ignorant about how to not get nailed by whoever is now sending notices to our ISP and getting our internet shut off temporarily . It has happened twice now , and my woosy housemates don't save the emails we have gotten from some motion picture group or whoever , but they (my housemates) call our ISP and say that they are so sorry that they have a baaad pirate in their midst and that they will spank me and we will never do it again . They won't even let me see these notices or talk sense to them or our ISP about this . We got nailed once , about 1000 downloads ago , literally , and now just recently . The net is shut off , but they turn it back on as soon as they are called . So obviously it is just scare tactics . So I know that there are ways to hide my identity from these nazi whomevers , but don't know where to start . Any help really appreciated !

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