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TCP Throttled, but UDP is a gogo!


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Greetings :)

So it turns out that my ISP has a nice throttle on all my TCP ports, at least the ones I've tried. But after a little testing and R&D, I don't think they care much about UDP ports.

So a few questions; if appropriate:

1) Is there such a thing as tcp > udp > tcp converting so I can try to up my download speeds?

2) If not, is there any other way I can make UDP my default port setting / preference?

3) If so, could someone point me in the right direction?

As you've probably guessed, my knowledge in the field of networking is very basic and based on what I know of TCP / UDP, it doesn't seem logical. But hey, what's the harm in asking eh?

(As a brief background: I'm from India and our ISPs are just don't like sharing! I had a brief respite of a 40mbps line here [which is VERY rare for an individual connection] but they seemed to have changed their mind about that, have cut me back down to 1mbps. This is me living in a 100kbps nightmare!)

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UDP is preferred by µTorrent so any other µT users hitting on you will drop TCP automatically. The only other thing I can suggest is to make sure you've selected your upload speed in CTRL+G, bad settings make for slower speeds and pissed off ISP's.

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