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Very upset with customer support service


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I purchased a license for uTorrent Plus in April, and upon attempting to reinstall uTorrent Plus, I am given an error message stating that my license has been activated too many times. I do frequently reinstall Windows and uTorrent along with it, but I only have uTorrent Plus installed on one computer at any given time. Is there a way to fix this? If not I am going to be upset as I have payed you for nothing.

I am also very upset with the access to customer service. I attempted to go through the help section and e-mail customer service, but when I try to submit the above problem, the customer service page says that my e-mail has not been sent yet, and to please try options from the knowledge base that are not relevant. That is totally unacceptable. It is bad enough that you do not have a phone or chat line with which to speak with someone, but the fact that there is a hurdle for even getting an email sent is ridiculous.

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