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Faulty placement of finished torrents.


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I have the following setup:

In the "Directories"-setup-tab, I have as follows:

Place new downloads in D:\UT Downloads

Move completed downloads to D:\Finished Downloads and Append the torrent's label

Store .torrents in D:\UT Downloads\Torrents

This mostly works. But lately, I've discovered that in particular one label makes a mess out of this - the label in question is "Pictures" - what it does is place the finished downloads in the following folder: D:\Finished Downloads\Pictures\UT Downloads\files goes here, incl. a folder named Torrents...

It seems that for some reason the moving of files copies the UT Downloads directory as well - the weird thing is I haven't seen this on any other labels I've used during the same period of time - ie TV, Film, Programs - they all behave as intended.

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