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uTorrent stopped downloading for no reason. New user please help!


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Hi I'm a new user to uTorrent. I;'ve downloaded a few sonds since getting it a month or so back but its now just stopped downloading altogether. I;'ve tried different songs and different sources etc but nothing seems to work. It just says downloading 0.0% in the status bar and thats it - no movement at all.

Does anyone have any adive or anything I can check? Not exactly great when it comes to computers an stuff so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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could be several things. If the songs aren't legal to d/l, could be blocked by ISP - not a huge likelihood.

Do the problems torrents have any active seeds / peers? Click on the Peers & Trackers tabs in lower main UI to see if is actually any current activity.

Pick some songs that have a high # of seeds (CHECK / REcheck seeds, by clicking the link on the torrent site's d/l page, if such link exists. They may LIST 500 seeds, but if you "update / recheck" # of seeds, often there are few or no active ones.

If that doesn't work, re run (or run for 1st time) uT's setup guide to get some proper settings.

If still no go, make screens of your Bandwidth & Queuing preferences pages. UPload them to Image Shack or similar & post their URLs here.

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