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trouble with uploading/seeding speed


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I'm after a little advice/help. I've searched the forum and this is what i've come up with thus far.

I have some speed issues in regards to seeding and uploading. I am not referring to overseeded torrents or popular torrents, but to ones that I have uploaded and that I am the sole seeder. The highest rate I've ever witnessed thus far has been around the 10kb/s and this has been intermittent and RARE.

My download speed is fine (clearly depending on the amount of seeders etc.)

I've done the speed test

here are the results and they sound pretty crappy.

Download speed average ......116.5kB/s

Upload average speed ......96kB/s

Any advice would be welcome.

PS, I'm seeing approx. 130 torrent files although only 20 have any activity round the 0 .6 k/s

port is open

firewall not blocking

My main concern is with private tracker ratio's and actually sharing files that have been generously share to me without taking weeks to download.

My upload speed is embarrassing...I would settle for 20k/s......HELP

Below are some screenshots...am i doing anything wrong? A yes or no answer could suffice.




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