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Some torrents won't donload.


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Hi guys. Maybe you can help me. I'm racking my brain and I cant figure out the problem.

Some torrents I'm trying to download just wont start. I have opened a port through the firewall and router and allowed the program through the antivirus, and the settings guide says both up- and downloads are passing through without a problem. Most torrents work but some do not and I do not understand why. I'm getting the torrents from a site where I'm a member and I'm not blocked or anything, and most of them download okay but others won't start despite the fact that the stats tell me the torrent is healthy and has a high seeder-to-client ratio. I've checked the trackers and DHT and everything works. utorrent has contact with several seeders but the torrent just will not start. Is there some setting I have forgotten or am not aware of?

Thank you in advance for any clues.:/

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