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Problem with running a program after a torrent has finished


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Do you mean change the path environment variable to where the script is?

Yes. Not change, but add the path to that environment variable. But since you use full path, it's not necessary.

How do you know that your bat file doesn't being run?

What is in the log?

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Lower pane, tab "Logger". If it doesn't show, you should enable it: right click on any tab, select "Logger". Normally utorrents adds "Executing: scriptname.bat" line to the log when it starts that script.

There are many additional log categories available. I don't know which one is tied with scripts. You could enable them all to avoid missing important data. But some options generate a lot of log data (as "Log incoming connections"), so you should enable them one by one during active download and skip the ones, which generate too many messages. Or you could just log to file.

Also, you could experiment on dummy bat file, which only dumps environment variables, its arguments, current directory, etc. to some file. This will help you determine if it really has been started and give you clues for finding issues with paths or something.

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