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Utorrent not responding!

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Weeks ago utorrent shut down:/. When I went to start it up again, a message appears that utorrent has encountered a problem and and needs to close:mad:, with another message below saying tell microsoft about this problem. It doesn't involved microsoft, so I haven't sent it. I have tried deleting the program, but it can't, I have tried downloading again, and same thing happens. No idea. Any suggestions? Thanks you. Will check in when I can

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I have tried deleting the program,

I hope you UNINSTALLED uT, not deleted it. If you just deleted it & there were corrupted registry entries, deleting it didn't remove them. In case the settings.dat file is corrupted / has bad settings, need to del / BU it & let uT installer create a new one. Then run the setup guide.

IF YOU JUST DELETED PROGRAM FILES: If using Windows, 1st look in Control Panel >Uninstall programs. If uT is listed, do the uninstall. It may / may not work if you deleted uT's uninstall prgm file.

After that, can try REinstalling SAME version to same location, THEN do a proper UNinstall. To make sure nothing is leftover, can get the free, well known Revo Uninstaller, to find remnants of uT not uninstalled that MIGHT cause problems (including bad registry entries). ONLY use default settings when comes to removing any remaining registry entries it finds for uT.

Then do a clean uT install.

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