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Torrents load, but have delayed start


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Moving this forum discussion into Bug Reports as it appears to be a bug with the Mac client.

Full discussion amongst users is here:


I have a friend with a current stable version of uTorrent 1.6.4 on his MacOS running Lion.

Whenever a torrent is loaded into uTorrent (1.6.4 or the latest beta 1.7.4) via magnet links or torrent tracker files, the torrent registers in uTorrent but then experiences a very long delay before it locates seeds/peers and begins downloading. This delay can be 15 minutes to an hour. This occurs on torrents that are well seeded. Then, all of sudden, it will start to download and work just fine.

If multiple torrents are queued they will all stall and then when one of them goes, they all start to work.

We have compared the exact same torrents against windows uTorrent client to confirm that it was not a tracker problem or a problem with the torrent.

We have disabled the firewall in MacOSX to see if that has any effect, but it didn't make a difference.

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