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Magnet Files Not Working


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I've searched through the forums, but haven't found an answer to this yet.

If i load a magnet file it appears in the Download list, and the status says 'downloading' but it stays at 0%. The 'Size' field always stays blank as well... it's as if the magnet file remains inactive.

I've checked through the preferences, and there's nothing obvious that i can see.... this problem started a few weeks ago.

Anyone else having the same issues?



Running uT 3.2.

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If you searched the forums like you said, you would/should understand that until uTorrent receives the metadata and generates the torrent, it has no way of knowing the size, etc. It can take a few mins to hours depending on whether there are peerrs you can open to get the metadata. If it seems to take to long for you - go get another magnet that has the files you want and try to download that one. Or not.

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