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problem with utorrent webui


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Hello Every one

I have an unmanaged dedicated server and i want to use utorrent server. what should i install on my server? I mean what is utorrent script's requirement?

i uploded the webui on my server and then when i used it like


i got this :

Can't talk to uTorrent client. Try reloading the page.

server os : centos 6

server control panel : Direct Admin

why is that for?

what should i do?

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I also have a problem with utorrent webui

I have ubuntu 12.04 and utorrent server 3.0 build 27079

have installed and reinstalled several times

server starts ok

using firefox i start localhost:8080/gui

i log in to server with admin and blank password

then comes up and says

"the utorrent webui does not seem to be installed"

have searched the internet for solution and have not found one that works

any ideas???

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