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How to feed old file to new torrent


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I have deleted by error the .torrent file from app data but i have the whole file downloaded.

But when I redownload the .torrent file it wont recognize the torrent in the download folder.

How to make it recognize the file?

Force recheck not working.

(completed and new torrents are in the same folder)


I couldnt find it in the migration guide.

I suppose if its not the same torrent it cant be done even if its the same .pdf file. Right?

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Did you check the Recycle Bin to see if the torrent is stil there?

Unless it is the exact same torrent - a force re-check will probably not work. If it is a single file torrent and the same bit for bit as the file in the new torrent - it should(?) pass force re-check. The problem with multi-file torrents is what are the files next to it to handle pieces that cross files. But even in that case you should get most of the torrent past the force re-check. DO NOT GO BY THE NAME in assuming it is the same exact file. Do not forget you may need to "Set Download Location" or Relocate file to make sure the torrent is pointing to the already downloaded file.

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