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Switch from torrent file to magnet link - mid download...possible?


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Sorry if this had already been asked, i looked and couldn't find it.

I have a torrent downloading in utorrent from a torrent file. it isn't getting very good speeds and i thought i would try my luck with the magnet link version of the same torrent. Is there any way to do this without starting from 0% again, like to just redirect the torrent to the magnet link instead of torrent file?

Assume i'm only mildly tech savy and i have very little experience with utorrent beyond the basics.

Any help would be appreciated guys, thanks :)

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Actually what will happen if you just click the magnet link is you'll get a pop up saing 'this torrent is already in your list, do you want to add the trackers anyway"


The difference is instead of downloading the torrent file yourself, with the magnet you'll get it from the peers on the torrent.


It's like how if you rent a book at hte library, and then half-way through reading decide to buy it from Amazon, the ending won't change.

Or if you buy a ticket to a sporting event, rather than watch it on TV, it won't change the score. You're just obtaining the exact same thing in a slightly different way

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