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Inconsistent Download Folder w/ Magnet Links


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Ok, so lets pretend you have a default download folder of "C:\Downloads".

When you click a magnet link, it'll open the "Add New Torrent" dialog. So far so good. From here, one of two things can happen:

1) If you wait until it loads the data from the magnet link (the file list, name, etc) and hit ok, it'll put the files in "C:\Downloads".

2) If you don't wait until it loads the data from the magnet link and hit ok, it'll download to "C:\Downloads\[Torrent Name]".

This doesn't sound like a big issue, but there's two common cases I can think of that cause issues: magnet links for torrents with lots of files (ex: split archive files; causes a giant mess), and torrents that contain common file names (ex: "readme.txt"; can cause conflicts).

It's woefully inconsistent to have two different possible download locations for a magnet link, all depending on how quickly you close the "add torrent" dialog. Personally, I'd prefer if outcome #2 was the default for either route, but I'd be happy so long as it works the same way regardless of how long I wait to load torrent info.

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