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All my torrents have been renamed to their original names!


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I have a major problem here. Over 600 torrents which I have systematically renamed for better readability have been renamed to their original names, the ones the uploaders have given them.

What I usually do is to rename the download directory to comply with my naming scheme and then apply this exact same name to the torrents name (the one that is shown inside µTorrent in the list of torrents). This has worked for years in µTorrent and I highly appreciated µTorrent for letting me do this!

What I just noticed is that for some unknown reason almost all the names reverted back. Just now, out of the blue, but when I wasn't looking (µTorrent was minimized the whole time). I didn't even restart µTorrent. It just did it by itself during runtime. I have no clue what triggered it. I'm puzzled, it's like µTorrent betrayed me, I have renamed those torrents for a very good reason, and if I, the user, does so, then it must stay that way. What has this software come down to? *sigh*

Now the weird part is that those torrents that have have been added after the 4th of this month were not affected, there had been a re-check of all the torrents in the meantime due to another annoyance of µTorrent which would be off-topic, but I guess I have to explain it quickly: if µTorrent is started (for example at Windows startup, because that has been silently set to be true in the 3.2 update) but it cannot find the torrent data (for example because at login an encrypted harddrive isn't mounted yet!), it for some reason think aaaalll the data must be corrupted, sounds logical? Not to me, if a path is not available it says nothing about the data integrity of the files at that location, it says that the path is not available. In a modern age computer environment this usually means that a device is not mounted or that a network resource is not available... anyway... seems like all the re-checked torrents have been renamed after 10 days out of the blue, even though the names that I gave them had been visible all the time during those 10 days. What the hell was that?

PS: Oh, all the actual torrent files have still the name I had given the torrents. It's so weird looking at it all. The directories where the actual data resides in has my OCD-naming-scheme, the actual torrent files have this OCD'ed name, but the torrent list in µTorrent doesn't. I know the original directory name, the one that the name in the torrent list if based on, is stored inside the torrent file, and it's what µTorrent decided to rename the torrents to. Man, it would be such a piece of cake to just take the name of the torrent file and use that instead of the original name in the torrent list, that would be an easy batch job... if that feature was only implemented in µTorrent. I now found out the painful way that obviusly the reverse feature has been added to µTorrent to annoy its users.

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