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uTorrent goes inactive while I'm away


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uTorrent works but only as long as I am sitting at my computer doing something. It doesn't seem like I have to be active in the uTorrent program, just on the computer in general, so I'm not sure if the problem lies with my computer settings or something in uTorrent.

I know that my computer does not shut down, go standby, etc. while I am away because I can leave other programs running and when I come back, they have completed or made progress on whatever operation they were doing. This is pretty frustrating because it means that I can't leave uTorrent on overnight or while I'm away during the daytime which are when I get the best speeds and when I can download without sucking up everyone's (including my own) bandwidth.

I looked through all my settings in uTorrent and the only thing I could find was "Prevent standby if there are active torrents" under General, and it was already checked.

Any idea where to look either in uTorrent of in my system settings? I'm running the 3.1.3 client on Windows 7.


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Ah hah! This is odd but just before posting, I checked for an update and my client told me that there weren't any. I downloaded 3.2, but the problem persists.

It's really weird, my downloading drops off almost immediately after leaving, I only have to be away for a minute or so before my downloads drop to less than one kB/s each, I can see it on my speed graph. When I come back, I can see my speed increase right away, literally as soon as I move my mouse, to where they were before I left.

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