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Size of router's NAT table: Can it cause 10061 errors?


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Since my last post regarding 10061 errors got such a huge response (NOT) let me see if anyone here can answer this question:

Can the size of my router's NAT table limit the number of torrents I can seed or the number of DHT nodes I'm connected to? Is 350 DHT nodes a high number to be connected to?

How would I know (or how could I find out) if my router's NAT table is causing "Disconnect: Peer error: Error 10061" in the uTorrent logs?

I've seen some discussions where people mention specific routers (and firmware versions) and the size of the router table for those routers. My router is a Linksys BEFSR81 -> where can I find out if this router has an acceptable (or not) NAT table size?

Edit: Ok, according to a linksys 2-page product flyer, the BEFSR81 has a "1k MAC Address Table, means both auto-address learning and aging" - what-ever that means. The tech specs listed on some vendor websites seem to confirm "1k entries" for the MAC address table size.

So -> is the "MAC address table" also known as the "NAT address table" ???

Is 1k table size (mac/nat) an acceptable amount these days for trouble-free torrent functionality?

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