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USB device screen


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So my friend has a samsung phone, and when i plugged it in to my computer utorrent switched over to a screen to connect to the USB drive. I wasn't doing anything with utorrent, it just switched over in the background. Now without shutting down utorrent altogether is there any frigging way to go back to the default view? I tried clicking and right clicking everything everywhere and no matter what it was convinced i wanted to do something with this god damned USB.

Also, as a side note, the fucking captcha bullshit you make people go through is just retarded to register. You really can't see what the words are, and clearly you have never tried to use the audio one because you get multiple computer voices talking over each other and you can't hear a single thing anything is saying. I pretty much had to guess one of the words in order to register just to find out how (or IF, since it really doesn't seem possible) to switch back to the actual view of the torrents....Which is presumably the main function of this program instead of it trying to be my access or gateway to usb devices... (i can find and copy shit to those easy enough without utorrent screwing itself up to perform this).

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