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download starts then checking, stops


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Running Win 7 (32 & 64 bit) on 12 months old Dell Notebook & Desktop. Utorrent 3.1.3 build 27498.

I download torrent (Magnet) and run it.

Utorrent commences to download (shows maybe 2 to 4kbs) but no % yet.

Suddenly it changes to 'checking' in the status bar and reads 0 to 100% in the status window, then it just stops and shows 'stopped' in the status window.

I then need to force start to get it going and at times will have to do that several times before it settles down.

Both computers do it and I even installed and ran uTorrent on my wife's XP laptop and it also does it.

I've looked through the forum but cannot find a duplicate problem.

No Proxy, but am running peer block.

Any ideas or fixes

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Same thing is happening to me on uTorrent 3.2 (build 27708) 32 bits.

I usually leave my downloads active during my sleep time so if I leave 10 files downloading during the night then the second download doesn't start automatically when the first download finishes instead of that utorrent stops ALL the following files in the queue... annoying.

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