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Torrent error - There is not enough space on disk


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Hi There,

I have read the previous posts regarding this issue but none solved my problem.

Using uTorrent 3.1.3 downloading a 180GB torrent.

25.7% of the torrent is completed, but I get this error every few minutes and the complete %is not getting higher.

torrents are configured to be saved on my D drive which has 197GB free space (including the already used space for the 25.7% of the file).

Drive C has 60~ GB free (same physical disk as C.

The torrent file was initially on C drive and after reading some I removed it and added it again from D.

Re-check was done with no help.

Please help.


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Are you using "Pre-allocae all files" ? If not you should.

This is how I manage my huge torrents, even when I do not have sufficient space on the disk. First of all I am assuming that your 180 GB torrent does not consist of a single file.

1. I have "automatically start download " option disabled.

2. Once the torrent is added I make a selection of a few files that will fit within the available space and set Skip for all the others.

3. Then click on the start icon and the download starts.

4. When the selected files have been completely downloaded stop the torrent.

5. Move the completed files to an external drive or a different partition.

5. Set the the completed files priority to "skip" and select the next batch of files.

6. Do a forced check on the files.

7. Hit the start button and the download begins.

8. Repeat the process until you have all the files.

Works for me just fine.

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