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Torrents stopped after being added.


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Hello. after i updated to version 3.2 build 27568 i have a problem. Just after i add any torrent idownloads for a few seconds and then stops so i have to click the startbutton. Anyone else who had this problem? It´s a little bit anoying.

Thanks in advance.

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Having the same problem since the last update!

And i know that many many others are having this problem right now - google it and you'll see that its quite popular !

When adding a new torrent, its starts to download as usual, but stops after about a minute or so. Then u have to start it again. After that it goes on whitout any problem.

The thing with this behavor is that u want to put a torrent on download and then leave it. U cant! because u have to stay and watch it´so u can restart it when it stops.

Please fix it !

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