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Download torrent bug


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Utorrent, Windows XP SP3 x32 + all fixes

Download torrent to not-default folder (and not named torrent-default folder):

0. default download folder = S:\TEMP

1. custom download folder = S:\Downloads

2. torrent subforlder (in .torrent file) = _LIB

3. custom folder = LIBRARY

I set path to custom download = S:\Downloads\LIBRARY (on pre-download setting or chaned in menu "Advanced" -> "Download to...")

But Utorrent setting path = S:\Downloads\LIBRARY\_LIB

e.g. - Utorrent add a torrent subfolder!


Version correctly change download folder!!!!!!!

P.S. All folders is examle - real names is other.

P.P.S. Sorry for my english.

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