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Torrents suddenly downloading kb/s


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I have always downloaded torrents at 1MB/s or more. But suddenly, my uTorrent is now downloading every torrent at kb/s (veryy sloww) .. no matter how many seeds it connects to. Now, i really doubt it has anything to do with firewall, my router settings, or my utorrent settings as none of these have changed prior to the slower downloading speeds.

i have done the uTorrent Setup Guide and ran more tests to make sure, but it still downloads at extremely slow speeds. im even trying to download torrents with huge amounts of seeders and still downloading at 15-200 kb/s. I have no clue what to do......


I have even checked my Comcast Data Cap @ my account page as u can see here: http://i50.tinypic.com/xqgit0.jpg

That was the only thing I thought could be the problem, but I'm clueless now on what to do. I'd appreciate any help.

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