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utorrent kB/s leading to confusion for web site speed converters


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kB/s why ?

I look at online converters to figure again what I have and what each 60mins I should download at max. Nowhere as yet see a site write it as kB/s, these are the main ones I see so must what is normally mainstream in use for people.





Please don't write if you think you know I would rather hear it from someone who actually does know. So most likely only a developer of utorrent would know this since they wrote it in.

I would like to know from a utorrent developer the kB/s we see in utorrent actually is or equals to kbps or KB/sec ?

I ask as searching the internet leads to a lot of confusion and where kB/s is written no web page agrees with another. Also to the question why use this if no-one knows of it given the above are the main ones we see and are on various web site converters.

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