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Can't uninstall uTorrent


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I want to uninstall uTorrent from my Mac OSx 10.7.4 (Lion). I did as usual, drag the uTorrent icon from my applications folder to my Trash, then emptied my trash. It no longer appears in any of my files. However, every time I load a new torrent, uTorrent automatically loads and runs the download instead of Transmission.

How can I completely uninstall this application, especially since I can no longer even find it in any of my files/folders? There must be a hidden file somewhere.



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I tried to go back into Transmission and reset it as the default in preferences, but I honestly couldn't find where. uTorrent is better about that.

When I tried resetting default torrent apps and couldn't, I ended up dragging the uTorrent icon from my apps folder into the trash (and emptied my trash). However, the application is still hidden somewhere on my HD and launches automatically when I try to download a new torrent file. Transmission is simply inactive now.

The reason I decided to go back to Transmission, is it seems when I download from uTorrent, it leaves the torrent file in my Download folder, but no .avi or .mp4 file. I also can't seem to find any of the .mp4 or .avi files when doing a search on my HD. It's like they are downloading onto the app. I know this might not make any sense, but I'd like to be able completely uninstall this or reinstall/repair what is on my computer.

I don't really like having hidden apps in my computer. If I want to uninstall something, i should be able to. Makes me feel a bit nervous about the security of my computer when files go hidden and can still run when it has been clearly removed, by Mac instructions. (Drag, drop into trash, voila!!!).

I need help with this. As it stands, I'm able to download torrent files (rather quickly I might add) with uTorrent, but unable to access what I am downloading to view. I am also unable to choose Transmission if I want to bypass the download on uTorrent!

Seriously frustrated!

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we really don't hide anything on your computer, just the places where all the apps for mac keep their info, and so the problem seems rather strange.

The only reason it can be that you have some other version of utorrent.app file in one of the folders that you might have downloaded earlier. I see 2 ways to deal with this:

1. You can take a sample of uTorrent process when it opens (To collect a sample, just open Activity Monitor, find µTorrent process there, click on it and press Sample Process button at the top of the window). At the top (5th line i think) you will find path to this app and will be able to delete the file.

2. Find some 3rd party app like AppCleaner.

What concerns your problem of finding files: it can be connected with the presence of another uTorrent app on your computer. You can always find the files that you have downloaded by clicking on the tiny magnifying glass icon near the torrent name in the list of torrents or by doing right click on the torrent - show in finder. You can also set (or reset) download location for completed torrents in Preferences - Directories.

I hope it will help you resolve all the problems and please contact us if you need further help!


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