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Adding old downloads for sharing after total re-installation?


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I had to completaly remove uTorrent after a try with the 2.3 beta. Now after re-installing, even after changing to the coreect folders for "under download" and "moving to... when finished", the old downloaded files are not seen by uTorrent and thus not seeded.

As I do not upload anything myself (haven´t got that part to work) I am very eager to seed for a long time to make my part of the sharing.

So the question is - how do I add older downloads to the seed list without downloading the again?

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Sorry, but that info is of no help. I have search thru the help about migration, and I have not made any backup of the uTorrent settings directory.

What I have done is:

- Uninstalled the complete uTorrent including personal settings

- Within regedit deleted everything with "uTorrent"

- Installed latest stable version of uTorrent

- Changed all Catalogs (folder directories etc) and UI-settings to the old ones.

Now, without the need of reading endless information of this and that regarding migration - how do I in a simple way add my former downloads (actually in the same place as before) for seeding? If it is too complicated/complex I just quit as it do not affect my future downloads. I just want to be fair and share what I have.

As I already have change the path so they direct to my files, and still do not see them in uTorrent, I have no options to do. I can´t start any "update tracks" or whatever needed.

Rgrds / B

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