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Problem with my new 4g-router and uTorrent!


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I recently bought a new 4g-router but I'm having some trouble. Everytime I run uTorrent and download torrents, the web browser stops to work (But uTorrent keeps downloading at great speeds). I've tried both Chrome and IE, but I think the problem is somewhere between my computer, uTorrent and the new router.

The problem doesn't exist on my ADSL broadband.

While the internet stops working in the browsers, it still works on my smartphone.

4g coverage is great.

Problem still exist with a LAN-cable.

Someone on a swedish forum suggested that uTorrent perhaps used up more "data" than the router could manage, but the telephone company told me that couldn't be the case.

The telephone company told me they can't do anything, so I'd be glad if anyone could help me with some ideas?!


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