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using proxy the seeds/peers will not load unless i remove proxy


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when using proxy I have a multistep process to begin download.

I add bittorrents.

I make sure proxy is turned off and start downloads. Peers/seeds show.

then add proxy and restart.

The peers/seeds stay and download finsh.

If I keep proxy on there will never show seeds or peers and no download begins. even restarting nothing happens. In this case I have to turn off proxy. restart software and low and behold peers/seeds show up and download starts and to enable security I add the proxy info and then restart. The downloads continue after restart.

If i add any new torrents while other downloads going on with proxy on. Again no peers/seeds until I go through the routine.

Anyone else have this problem or is there something I need to do to get it to work with proxy without all this hassle?


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Sorry that did not answer to you yesterday.

If you will follow my instructions, you'll not have problems with the proxy:

1. Enter Preferences of the Network tab

2. Select your proxy server

3. In the address to enter the ip address proxy

4. In the Port field enter the port of the proxy

For example a proxy is in the address

3781 is in the port

To automatically download torrents you need to put a check mark in Preferences on the General tab, check box "Adding torrents: Start download automatically"

Hopefully this will help you.

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Please go to Window --> Message log --> Check "Set all logging flags" from Setting in the right corner of Message log window --> Click on "Set log file" and save log to file. Then please reproduce your issue and send mail with description and with created log file to our email mac@bittorrent.com. We can't reproduce your problem, maybe logs will help.


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