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Help - cant resume downloading after crash!


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I am running 3.1.3 (27207) and after receiving the "disk overloaded" error i paused everything for awhile, then after 1 hour while it still displayed the message i Exited. I rebooted the system (for other reasons) and upon resuming downloads i have some, but not all, active downloads that are "stuck" in Checked 0% status. I cannot start them, or resume them, and Force Recheck is greyed out. IF i s Stop them, the status changes to Stopped but as soon as i try and Start them again, uTorrent hangs completely. I tried pausing them and also stopping them with each time then exiting uTorrent and restarting it but they still stayed in Checked 0% status. I tried re-downloading the torrent (thinking to "refresh something") and it correctly claimed it already existed (I replied Yes anyway) but that did nothing to clear the issue. I tried deleting the torrent (Remove torrent only) and redownloading the torrent (thinking i would Force Recheck) but that did nothing. HELP!

Of the four downloads affected, two are large ones (series) and have been downloading TWO WEEKS and i am around 80-90% on each one! More than a bit frustrated by these happenings!!!

Any ideas about how to resume the downloads (instead of deleteing and starting again) would be REALLY appreciated!.


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I ended up going into the uTorrent directory and actually deleting (Windows Explorer) the specific torrents affected, then restarting uTorrent. I then did a Force Check and it found the already existing files and subsequently Resumed downloading. Ugly situation, shouldnt have happened, but at least I recovered with a hack!

No follow up needed UNLESS there is something i did wrong or there is a better/easier way to solve this issue if it crops up again.

thanks, KJ

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