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Slow upload speed on newly created torrents


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Hi. I recently wiped my system an reinstalled Snow Leopard on my Mac Pro. I decided it was the perfect time to switch from Vuze because I was ready for something new. So I installed uTorrent and everything has been going great until I tried to seed a torrent I had just created. If requested, I'll go step-by-step on how I created it to make sure I didn't do anything wrong.

I uploaded the torrent to the private site I use, and noticed a few Peers showed up a couple of minutes later. The problem was my upload speed. On other people's torrents (one of which I'm seeding right now with uTorrent) I will seed around 500-700kB/s. On the torrent I created, I was uploading at 100kB/s, then it would drop to 0 for a few minutes, then rocket up to 100, then back down. It took nearly 30mins to share 44mb.

So I quit uTorrent, used Vuze to open up the same torrent file I had previously been using with uTorrent, and was seeding at 600kB/s after a few seconds.

I'm wondering if I did something wrong or have something incorrectly configured in uTorrent where the torrents I create and upload to private sites are super slow (however they work fine in other clients) but other torrents are fine.

I still plan to use uTorrent as I don't create new uploads that often, but would really like to fix this for when I do in the future.

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